ONTOP SEO are so confident we can generate consistent 1st Page Results for ANY given website that we GUARANTEE our results in writing.
Please see below for an indication of our written guarantees.


If, for whatever reason, a client’s website is not ranking on the 1st page of Google within an initial 6-month period from signup date, ONTOP SEO will continue working for free until 1st page results are achieved. At that point (once 1st page results are achieved) the campaign will revert back to the regular and agreed-to workings of the contract signed by the client for the remainder of the campaign.


The Pay on Results Campaign works on a 12 month engagement by the client and ONTOP SEO. With this campaign, only 50% of the total 12 month value is taken as an upfront figure. Then, once we achieve a 1st page ranking for an absolute minimum of at least 50% of the keywords we’re targeting, the remaining 50% due is then owing. This is due to us continuing to work on the site to achieve 1st page results for the remainder of the keywords being targeted. Hence, the onus is on us to achieve the results that we promise to deliver.

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ONTOP SEO provide high-quality, non-outsourced SEO services to Australian businesses looking for a personalised service by a professional Aussie based provider

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