Pro Strata Services

Karina Heinz - Strata Manager

We have been building our landing pages over time and improving them – with guidance and advice from ONTOP SEO.

In our industry it is most important to grab the opportunity to tender on a client at the time they are looking to purchase – if one advertised when they are not you could spend a fortune with no result.

We are starting to reap the benefits from the campaign we have with ONTOP SEO and as we do more to improve our visibility via other Google options I am sure we will be invited to make submissions to some of the largest clients in our field.

The future is so bright with ONTOP SEO working with us to achieve our goals.

Evolution Plumbing

Luaay Majid - Director

Jake contacted us and explained the benefits of SEO in a way that we could not only understand, but he also guaranteed us results in writing (which no one else from other companies have been able to do). Since we’ve engaged with ONTOP SEO, we’ve found over 90% of our keywords to be consistently on the 1st page, and the business we’re getting now can only be attributed to them. I highly recommend Jake and his team to anyone looking to increase business through Google searches.

Italian Connections

Elena De Felice - Director

I have had the pleasure of working with ONTOP Seo for the last 9 months. After 3 previous disastrous SEO experiences with other companies, I was reluctant in investing in SEO and thought it was not the right marketing strategy for my business. I was wrong. Not only have we finally seen tangible results in the number of enquiries and sales but I have been most impressed by their transparency and professionalism. They are always available to reply to any queries or to suggest ways to improve our online presence. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company who wants to achieve effective results and improve their online presence.

JML Developments

Jamie Lees - Contract Administrator

Previous to meeting Team at ONTOP SEO I had worked with various other SEO companies who failed to deliver what was expected of them. It made me very cautious about the industry and I found it hard to believe what people were telling me and what I should be expecting. Upon initial contact with Team I found them to be very helpful and enthusiastic about helping me grow my business and I signed up straight away. ONTOP SEO began with redesigning and redeveloping my website into a custom website for me and then we started our SEO campaign. I have now been with ONTOP SEO for 9 months and have achieved Page 1 results for my most competitive and desired keywords. Within 4 months, ONTOP SEO delivered 3 Page 1 results which boosted my amount of online enquiries by 500%. I would definitely recommend Team and ONTOP SEO for their SEO and web design services.

Germaine De Capuccini

Tess Walls - Director

I have only been dealing with Team and ONTOP SEO for a short time but I have found them to be extremely helpful in all areas of SEO and i really love his constant communication with how we are ranking and things he can do to improve our SEO.Up until now I have found all SEO companies that I have dealt with to “keep you in the dark” with what they are doing but my experience with ONTOP seems to be very different. I am looking forward to a long relationship with the team at ONTOP SEO.

Lantern Apartments

Ian Foster - Business Owner

ONTOP SEO delivers personal service and a dedication to achieving results in a highly competitive field. Our rankings have improved steadily with ONTOP SEO and if a keyword ranking does slip Team get onto it straight away to coax it back on to the first page.