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An agency that cares about getting you ONTOP

ONTOP SEO was founded in 2013 with the vision of being an agency dedicated to providing customised solutions for unique businesses with guaranteed results. Boasting Ex-Yahoo and Google staff, we are an agency with experience and the industry know-how that places us well ahead of our competition.

A few key factors which separate ONTOP SEO from our competition include:

  • Brand Reputability: ONTOP SEO can categorically state that we’ve NEVER had a negative review or client leave due to the service we’ve provided. Put us to the test and Google us yourself!
  • A Boutique Approach: Our agency works with clients Australia-wide, providing a personalised and professional approach no matter the size and stature of the business.
  • Partnerships and Networking: ONTOP SEO work closely and actively partner with professional agencies who provide the very best of T.V. Radio, Print and other advertising avenues.
  • Industry Experience and Expertise: Boasting a youthful, yet experienced team, our company Director and Sales Manager alone boast over 12 years of industry experience between them.


We have been building our landing pages over time and improving them – with guidance and advice from ONTOP SEO.

In our industry it is most important to grab the opportunity to tender on a client at the time they are looking to purchase – if

Pro Strata Services
- Karina Heinz

Jake contacted us and explained the benefits of SEO in a way that we could not only understand, but he also guaranteed us results in writing (which no one else from other companies have been able to do). Since we’ve engaged with ONTOP SEO, we’ve

Evolution Plumbing
- Luaay Majid

I have had the pleasure of working with ONTOP Seo for the last 9 months. After 3 previous disastrous SEO experiences with other companies, I was reluctant in investing in SEO and thought it was not the right marketing strategy for my business. I was

Italian Connections
- Elena De Felice

Previous to meeting Team at ONTOP SEO I had worked with various other SEO companies who failed to deliver what was expected of them. It made me very cautious about the industry and I found it hard to believe what people were telling me and

JML Developments
- Jamie Lees

I have only been dealing with Team and ONTOP SEO for a short time but I have found them to be extremely helpful in all areas of SEO and i really love his constant communication with how we are ranking and things he can do

Germaine De Capuccini
- Tess Walls

ONTOP SEO delivers personal service and a dedication to achieving results in a highly competitive field. Our rankings have improved steadily with ONTOP SEO and if a keyword ranking does slip Team get onto it straight away to coax it back on to the first

Lantern Apartments
- Ian Foster

I was paying a SEO company for 6 months without seeing many benefits to the company. After chatting with the team, he was very informative and also offered a guarantee on our keywords within 3 months. I changed to ONTOP SEO, truthfully just to see

The Design Mill
- Julie Ann Canal

We have worked with at least three other SEO companies before we were introduced to ONTOP SEO. But when I met the team, I knew that I was working with an honest and reputable company that would guide me through the world of SEO. In

- Katie Millard

I have only been with ONTOP SEO for a few months. I was happy to meet the team before I joined up and everything was explained to me in plain English. I have had a lot of problems with my previous website company but was

Organic Carpet Cleaning
- Maryanne Muscat

I have only been with ONTOP SEO for a short period and have seen positive results, that I have not seen in the past two years of various SEO companies. ONTOP SEO are reliable, fast and provide a personalised service. I highly recommend to anyone

Pro Balustrading
- Zahra

I was approached by ONTOP SEO in September 2013 and advised my website had a poor ranking on Google. I invested in SEO and well before the promised time frame ONTOP SEO have achieved all my keywords not just on the first page but in

Pats Engineering
- Joy Heylen

ONTOPSEO are one business I trust getting the rankings up of my business I have dealt with the team for well over a year now he is extremely helpful and caring towards your business and making sure the rankings get where they are needed. I

Gossip Girls Cleaning
- Kylie Davis

ONTOP SEO is a professional internet marketing business who we are proudly using the services of. We’ve known and been working with the team for 3 years and with ONTOP SEO for the past few months and we have seen a great increase on the

Oz Forklift
- Fay Ozdemir

ONTOP SEO Team has been working on my site for the last 3 months and I have seen very big improvements, some of my key words have gone from page 100+ to the 3rd page in just over 2 months, on the 3rd month I’m

ICandy Hair And Makeup
- Kylie Osborne

A massive big thank you to the wonderful team. I didn’t know anything about Google SEO at first time met the team. Their passion and professional advises convince me to do the Google marketing. They are very easy going person and that was really easy

- Allen

Approached by various SEO firms, we found the team from ONTOP SEO to be informative, friendly and helpful with our understanding of the whole SEO purpose for our website. Our site has since seen improvement within the first month with many keywords showing on the

Modern Party
- Chris Candiotto

I have been dealing with the team from ONTOP SEO now for a couple of years. Their attention to detail and fabulous communication is second to none.

ONTOP SEO Team have increased our rankings and improved our success rate with securing new customers. This has all

Sassy Entertainment
- Keira Howarth



If, for whatever reason, a client’s website is not ranking on the 1st page of Google for the keywords/key phrases being targeted within an initial 3 month period from signup date, ONTOP SEO will continue working for free until 1st page results are achieved. At that point (once 1st page results are achieved) the campaign will revert back to the regular and agreed-to workings of the contract signed by the client for the remainder of the campaign.


The Pay on Results Campaign works on a 12 month engagement by the client and ONTOP SEO. With this campaign, only 50% of the total 12 month value is taken as an upfront figure. Then, once we achieve a 1st page ranking for an absolute minimum of at least 50% of the keywords we’re targeting, the remaining 50% due is then owing. This is due to us continuing to work on the site to achieve 1st page results for the remainder of the keywords being targeted. Hence, the onus is on us to achieve the results that we promise to deliver.