Google Adwords

Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world, and currently the most successful PPC platform. The direct advertising method of Google AdWords affords users the flexibility of selecting their own advertising budget as they see fit. It’s a cost-efficient method of online advertising as you are able to track each and every dollar spent, and pay only when your ad is clicked on. ONTOP SEO are all about campaign efficiency, reducing your cost-per-click (CPC), and driving the best targeted traffic to your site, hence achieving the best return-on-investment for your business.

ONTOP SEO’s high quality Google AdWords campaigns will all include:

  • Highly targeted ads rated by relevance through Google AdWords’ advanced ranking formula
  • Vast customisation in budgeting by controlling your entire Google AdWords campaign
  • Keyword Research + Dynamic Implementation + ‘Negative’ Keywords
  • Creative and Attractive AdWrite + Test & Display
  • Ad Scheduling + Location Targeting for Maximum Proficiency
  • Advanced Bid Management and Allocation Formulas

ONTOP SEO guarantees proficient optimisation until satisfaction. Whether you’ve tried to run your own Google AdWords campaign in the past, or are looking at trying it for the first time, ONTOP SEO can show you the benefits of full and professional optimisation. Reduce your costs and increase your revenue with ONTOP SEO.