Search Engine Optimisation

ONTOP SEO uses an all-encompassing, three-stage process to achieve 1st page results. This process can be broken up into three main areas, being; On-Site Optimisation, Content Writing and Link Building.

1. On-Site Optimisation

On-Site Optimisation is comprised of two separate elements:

Technical & Analytical Updates:
Technical and analytical changes to the actual website itself is part of the initial SEO process. These changes include optimising the website’s Title Tags, Meta Data, Links, Navigation, etc.

Keyword Integration:
Keyword Integration is the second aspect of the On-Site Optimisation Process. This part of the SEO work relies on the desired ‘keywords’ being properly integrated throughout a website. With proper integration and optimisation, Google understands what your site is trying to rank for, and will increase a website’s listings accordingly.

2. Content Writing

A major component of our SEO procedure is making sure that the content listed on our client’s websites is set and presented within Google’s required parameters and algorithms. We initially analyse and then optimise the content on a site to make sure that there is;

  • Enough Content within the site (A lack of content indicates insignificancy to Google – this hurts rankings)
  • Only Relevant Content within the site (If there is irrelevant content on the site, the site will be penalised)
  • Non-Duplicate Content within the site

3. Link Building

The third (and final) area of our SEO techniques revolve around the aspect of link building. Link Building works as such:

  • Each quality link that points to your website is basically seen by Google as a tick of recommendation.
  • The more quality links your website has – the more importantly Google sees your site as being.
  • The more important the site – The higher up on Google’s search results your website goes. It’s that simple!